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By Mark Webb, The Relationship Specialist and author of How To Be A Great Partner.

At Last! Secrets on how to have a great relationship in plain spoken language.

Most relationship books give good sounding information that doesn’t really work in the real world. Especially if you’re dealing with a complicated situation or partner.

Mark Webb, the author and creator of the How to be a Great Partner system, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Clinical Member of The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

He has been helping thousands of people get life changing results since 1986.

His approach is unique in that he cuts through to the heart of the matter. He tells you exactly what you need to be thinking and doing in order to gain your partner’s respect and commitment.

The system will work for anyone who is committed to their relationship. Even if the future of the relationship is presently threatened.

Take for example this couple:

He didn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell. He knew it and so did she. “I only came to therapy so I could tell the ladies at church that I had tried.” Katherine admitted. She was fed up with Tom’s rigid demands. After eighteen years, she had had enough. She had already seen an attorney and would soon be filing for divorce.

After hearing more of their story and of Tom’s behavior, it sounded as if Tom did not even deserve another chance. He had provided well for his wife and children but had been a difficult man to live with. His corrective demands on his family were spirit breaking. When Tom finished acknowledging the damage he had done to Katherine, he looked at me with tears streaming down his face and cried, “Please help me be the man I should have been!”

Tom gave me his undivided attention, as all people do when they are in the doghouse. I laid out specific strategies for him. All of which are within the pages of this book. The one strategy that made the biggest initial impact on Katherine was his decision to be a “great spouse.” He also included “a great father” as one of his new labels. He committed himself to greatness and realigned his priorties to ensure that Katherine knew that she was his priority.

Now this kind of initial response in common, especially for the first 2 weeks. Rarely do people stick with this strategy for a month. Moreover, even more rare does it go beyond a 6-week period. Tom stuck with it. Within a month, Katherine had dropped the idea of divorce and had reopened her heart to Tom. They were having a newlywed experience that was better than the first one. Every few months, I would call and check in on Tom and Katherine and the reports exclaimed a transformation into a great marriage that improved year after year. Years later, they have a freshness about them that the other couples in their town admire.

And how about this couple:

“I’ve hated David for years.” Nancy said in an emotionally removed voice.

“He was so focused towards his career that he never slowed down enough to ask how I was doing let alone what I needed. I’m not one to openly complain or fuss. I quickly realized David wouldn’t hear me anyway! ”

David’s response surprised me. He said, “She’s right. I have been caught up in everything but her. In my mind, I was doing all of this for us and look where it’s gotten me.” David had been keeping score of how well he had been doing based on the size of his bank balance. When he compared himself to other husbands, all he could see was that his family had nicer things. “I must be doing good,” he thought.

My sessions focused David on how to direct his determination. He had always accomplished anything he had set his mind to accomplish. We set his sights on becoming a great husband. He used his hardheadedness to totally committ himself to pleasing Nancy. She was skeptical at first but he did not mind that. He expected it and knew he deserved it after years of neglect. He was committed to the long- term goal of becoming a great partner.

His persistence paid off because after a while, Nancy opened herself up to David again. They are very playful and happy. She trusts him and she now knows that she is his priority.

Once David learned the skills of becoming a great partner, he found out that it is easier to be a great partner than one who is merely good. He also noted the benefits such as improved health, increased energy, and an overall sense of happiness.

“Now that I’ve developed these disciplines, I feel stronger and my business is actually more productive.” David went on to say, “I look forward to going home each night and Nancy greets me with passion. I am a changed man.”

Don’t Let This Happen To You :

Jim buried his face in his hands as he said, “She out talks me every time. It always ends up my fault somehow.” Martha replied with, “I don’t know what he’s talking about! He’s the one who is always starting up an argument!”

A once happy couple had become locked in a constant battle. They argued “about everything” and never saw things from the same perspective. At night, they slept in separate beds. They fought over who would sleep with their four year old daughter, Alicia. Alicia had become the peacemaker for them but she could not keep Jim and Martha from fussing at each other. Jim and Martha felt bad about how they had involved Alicia but the guilt was not enough to stop them.

Jim and Martha lost sight of the baseline. The hope for their future was soon lost as well. I spoke to them separately after their divorce and they both admitted that they had been petty and foolish.

You Can Literally Stop The Fighting Today!

Recapture The Love and Chemistry You Once Had Together!!

How To Be A Great Partner is Mark Webb’s response to his frustration with how most therapy is conducted. Therapy can be slow, conflicted, and aggravating. Mark Webb has learned how to speed up the therapeutic process. His approach focuses the individual and the couple on establishing a specific desired outcome and then teaches you the strategies on how to make this outcome a reality.

It is common for therapists to focus the couple on compromise and conflict resolution. That seems reasonable enough. But this approach tends to set the stage for merely tolerating your partner’s behaviors. Great relationships are about winning and it is possible for both of you to win. That’s the difference in Mark’s system. He focuses you on increasing your sense of connection.

You and your partner may never see eye to eye on certain subjects but you can learn to experience a greater sense of closeness between you.

Take Your Relationship To A New And Better Level

This program works. It is common for couples to report anywhere from 25% to 60% immediate improvement after explosure to the basic techniques taught in this system.

That can be enough to rekindle a sense of hope in yourself and from your partner.

I Can Solve Your Relationship Problems.

I Can Save You Time, Money, and Hassle.

Your relationship may not have weeks left to see if a future is possible. Show your partner that you are serious and do something that reflects a bold commitment to your relationship.


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