How to Argueproof Your Relationship
the relationship specialist
How to Argueproof Your Relationship
A book by Mark Webb

Are you tired of arguing? Have you given up hope that your relationship can be helped? Our intimate relationships should be a source of joy, satisfaction and contentment, creating a welcoming haven in a demanding and difficult world. But what if all that you and your partner do is argue?

Mark Webb offers you techniques and approaches that you can begin to use today – to remove pointless, disheartening disagreements from your relationship. He’ll rapidly instruct you in how to restore the loving connection that is vital to a genuinely fulfilling life.

As a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, Mark has focused a great deal of his career towards developing effective, easy-to-use strategies, and teaching individuals and couples how to stop destructive patterns of behavior. He is a master at instructing you in many positive and proven alternatives that you can use to prevent arguments altogether.

Mark promises straightforward strategies and fast results. Mark Webb is in private practice at South Georgia Psychiatric and Counseling Center in Valdosta, Georgia.

What you can expect to learn from this book

Topics Covered

  • 10 things a woman can do to help keep matters from getting worse

  • 10 things men do to make matters worse

  • How to push the reset button on your relationship

  • The five precursors to all arguments

  • My system that helps you always know the right thing to say

  • How to avoid letting your worst assumption ruin your relationship

  • 8 secrets to instantly becoming a better listener

  • What is your woman really looking for?

  • How a man should position himself to prevent all potential arguments

  • How labels can destroy your view of your partner

  • Understanding the differences between you and your partner

  • Staying poised no matter ahat the situation

  • You only have so many chances before it is too late

  • How strong is your commitment?

Meet The Author

Marriage Counseling - Valdosta, GA
Mark Webb
Author | Consultant | Mentor | Relationship Specialist

Mark is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Author of Top Rated books such as How To Be A Great Partner, and How To Argueproof Your Relationship. Developer of Partner Focused Relationship Systems, and founder of Bolder Solutions.

Mark Webb specializes in teaching people how to get their life back on track in the shortest amount of time possible and more importantly how to keep it on track.

Mark has focused a great deal of his career towards developing effective, easy-to-use strategies, and teaching individuals and couples how to stop destructive patterns of behavior. He is a master at instructing you in many positive and proven alternatives that you can use to prevent arguments altogether.

Mark is a widely sought-out speaker, he has appeared on radio talk shows from coast to coast, and frequently writes for newspapers and magazines.


Mark Webb is a True Inspiration.

There are very few writers that write with so much passion, caring and love as Mark Webb. Mark is an amazing author and has helped and inspired so many of my team with his knowledge and wisdom. Mark was a Keynote Speaker at my regional event in Atlanta, Georgia and knocked it out of the park sharing his knowledge on Relationship building.

Mark Webb is not only an accomplished author, writer, world champion martial artist but he also is a real life hero. Heroes touch the lives of those they meet and truly make a difference and make the world a better place. I will have Mark speak at many more conferences and recommend that everyone read his new book How to Argueproof Your Relationship. Thank You Mark for being a Blessing to so many.

Steve Kampouroglou

Community Commerce Trainer and Coach

Perfect guide to marital harmony!

If you truly want a great marriage, I highly recommend reading this book and applying its commonsense principles! Mark Webb graciously shares unique, effective and practical techniques on how to end squabbling and reestablish - and even surpass - the initial marital bliss once enjoyed by spouses. The author explains why some couples drift apart and gently puts the onus of restoration on both spouses. I really liked how Mark cites actual client cases and sheds surprising insight using male and female perspectives.

His 80/20 Rule is my personal favorite! It’s easily mastered and enables harmony not only in marriages but in other relationships as well. Thank you Mark for putting your heart into this book and helping others achieve the rich and rewarding marriage God intended.

Beverly Giles

August 2015 via Amazon

Well-written advice even for those who don't read self-help!

I know a man who NEVER reads self-help, but he’ll read Mark Webb. And here’s why: Mark is a real man in a real marriage. This is how he writes, as though you are having a conversation with a real guy. Anything he suggests, he reveals that he’s tried too so he knows how hard it is to shut your mouth, open your ears and focus on your greater good: your relationship.

This book is a fast-read, took me just a couple of days. It is full of tips you can easily implement and you might even laugh out loud as I did. Far too often when I read a self-help book I get the theory but now what? How do I work it? The tips, which include: the four-prong response, the 80/20 rule, and eight secrets for becoming a better listener, to name just a few, show you how to work it. There are strategies specific to each gender which I found helpful such as: 10 things a woman can do to help keep her man from losing his temper and 10 things men do to make matters worse. If you are not sure about applying his suggestions, the anecdotal stories of his clients demonstrate them.

I have read many insightful books in this genre through the years – this book is one of the really good ones. Within the first few pages, I had ideas in mind and effective responses for argue-proofing. Disclaimer: I was given a copy by the publisher to review, but I was significantly impressed with the content so I purchased additional copies to give to others.

Michelle C. Brooks

July 2015 via Amazon

From Monster to Meek thanks to Mark Webb!

As someone with a strong, confrontational personality, I was skeptical as to whether or not anything could actually help me. However, Mark Webb's last book was such a great help to me that I knew if anyone could help me - it would be him. Literally, within three days of completing this book, I found myself in a familiar situation that normally ended in a lot of angry yelling and regret. Remarkably, I recalled the lessons Mark shared in this book and not only was an argument avoided, I actually felt more empowered than if I had actually "won an argument" (no one ever really does).

True to form, Mark Webb gives you advice in layman's terms on how to safeguard your relationship from arguments. He doesn't use bullet points or teaser topics that leave you drawing your own conclusions - nor does he talk in circles - instead, he tells you the pitfalls that may threaten your relationship and how to respond, mentally and physically, in situations that typically result in arguments.

Although his words of wisdom are best applied to your most important, intimate relationship, the advice in this book is good for all of your interactive relationships because it helps you to own your part of the confrontation which helps you to overcome the usual triggers that drag you down that dreaded road.
I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with Mr. Webb's ability to relate through written word. I can't wait for the next one!

B Bord

July 2015 via Amazon

How to Argueproof Your Relationship
A book by Mark Webb